Thursday, 26 February 2009

the feeling

these days i've been so busy with school i think i need to get out and just go crazy, like i did when ICIB was here. i need to be around people that i can be my self and don't have to try. cause these days i've been trying so hard to be the best, i wanna be free! don't want to try.

i miss so many people, i feel like everyone that i love most has gone somewhere. firstly (mostly) i miss my sister isa and interchange buddies. i love them to death, as you know. then secondly, i miss my dad. i haven't met him for 3 weeks now. and plus with my super-duper extra schedule, not sure when i'll meet him anytime soon. and last but not least, i miss my family in england so muito MUCH! god! it's been 2 years since i've seen them. and everytime i think of them, my eyes go all teary.

but the positive thing is that i'm getting close to people who are amazing and very helping me. and i'm so glad i've met them. and to be honest, i don't think i need any boy right now, just need friends who will be there for me and who will cheer me up when i'm down.

and now, i'm just trying my best to pass my JHS and then keep going. and to get to where i want, i have to work hard. so wish me luck :)

xoxo, nad

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

ICIB part 2

Saturday, 20 - 12 - 2008
the brazillians arrived in the wrong gate ?? hahahha. but it was fun, cause we (the indonesian) were running to them and it was soo funny. then after the big laugh, and crying (of joy) me, isa, paula, alma, buga, kevin, ricky and daru went to kemang food fest to grab some dinner. we had good sushi (Y) and that night, me and isa couldn't stop talking

Sunday, 21 - 12 - 2008
isa couldn't wake-up, but at 3ish everyone (accept kevin, buga, adin and gabi) went to pim to watch twilight. and actually some friends of mine were in pim too, so i met them too. it was fuun. and plus it was the 3rd time i watched twilight.

Monday, 22 - 12 - 2008
we went to citos to meet up tim, andreas, adin, gabi and some of my friends. then we went to kevin's house for the welcome party. it was very nice to see everyone again. but it was still like separate, but as time went by, we remembered how close we were. that night, fla and indra was like "guys, go home! it's late" and it was like 8 o'clock. but the activity will start the next day. 

Tuesday, 23 - 12 - 2008 
we woke up early to go to waterboom in pantai indah kapuk. it was fuun! a old guy flirted with isa, julia didn't swim at all, some relation started, and i got black-er. and when we got home, let's just say we were SOO TIRED! 

Wednesday, 24 - 12 - 2008
the day before, i had this problem, and i needed to finish the problem in my friends house, so i went there with isa. then around 12 we went to my dad's apartment and spend the day with my dad, marissa, and 4 of my friends. we went bowling and played pool in EX and then walked to grand indonesia to do karoke. it was sooooo muuuccchhh fuuuun !! and after all that fun, my dad dropped me and isa back in my house.

Thursday, 25 - 12 - 2008
marry Christmas people. we had a christmas party at andreases. me and isa were really late, so we missed abit of the fun. we did the monito thing. i was surprised that paula's monito is mee ! hahahaha. but i love my monitoo

Friday, 26 - 12 - 2008
when we heard there would be a gala night, me, isa, adin, gabi, kevin and buga went to pejaten village to find a dress for the brazillians, but couldn't find any. so we went to LUX in kemang, and they found there dress. And so did alma, Paula, Julia and gitt in heritage. we went really early, cause at 12 we (the indonesian) had to drop the brazilians in my house to get ready for the national night. 
as they were getting ready, me, kevin, adin, gitta and andreas went to pejaten village, and found nothing to do. so we ended up in pim eating ice cream and being stupid. but it was fun. and as we were done, we went to kevin's house and while waiting kevin and gitta learned how to dance formally. 
as we went in my house, we were greeted by tim and nick with there brazilian clothes. it was amazing that night. aaaaand after they did there dance, present there presentation, and we all eat. all of the boys asked the girls to be there date to the gala night. some were sweet, and some were, sour. but the night ended out to be a great night!

Saturday, 27 - 12 - 2008
after the national night, we were still tired, but we needed to wake up early to go to our mini camp. in the bus nothing special happened, but we found out that our staff were : kak putut, kak ferdy, kak pya and kak vidy. it was great!
my room mates were : gitta, gabi and paula. and we gossiped allnight! i mean.. ALL NIGHT! we talked mostly about boys-boys-boys. it was amazing. miss you girls

Sunday, 28 - 12 - 2008
the morning, we woke up feeling tired (as usual) and then we made our activity. and then... came.... the night!! it took along time for the girls got ready. it was so cute looking at everyone. then we had to go down the stairs, eat dinner (which the spaghetti was HUUUUUGGGEEE!), the question game, and then the danceee (was it a dance? or more?). and then... lalalalallalalalala, as gitta would say. 
but i would never-ever forget this night, in my lifee!

Monday, 29 - 12 - 2008
early-early-early, gotta say tchau to mini camp, early mornig. and when we got back, everyone was soo tired, i don't think we did anything that day. but then isa started to get really sick, so we brought isa for a check-up, and the doctor said that if she got worse, she has to be hospitalized. 

Tuesday, 30 - 12 - 2008
i woke up, and found that isa isn't her bed. i was shocked. then my mum said that she's in the hospital. so i spent the whole day in the hospital. it was kinda boring, but it made me closer to fla and martin. so that's good.

Wednesday, 31 - 12 - 2008
everyone (accept fla and isa) went to TIS to meet everyone to go to sanggar akar. firstly i was kinda........ not blending in. but as time passed by, i love the kids there. i really would love to work there. it was soo much fun. 
then when i got back home, i found out that isa was back from the hospital, so she could spend the new years with us :) but as people started to come, isa started to get tired. so only woke up for the count down. aaaaand, after the count down, some of us had plans to..........................but i guess it wasn't the right time ?

Thursday, 1 - 1 - 2009
today, everyone was leaving to jogja for the family weekend. but our flight (me, isa and my mum) was the next day. so we took today for a rest at home before going to jogja.

Friday, 2 - 1 - 2009
we woke up early to go to jogja, and i was freakin scared of the plane. luckily isa was there. but when we got to jogja we went to the hotel, but the room wasn't ready yet so we went to mirota. then we went back to the hotel and had a AMARICAN PARTY (cause we had pizza, music, and bikini under in alma's room)! we were planning on having a pool party, but we had some technical difficulties. but it ended up to be a..... interesting party. some where locked in the party. but they always got locked out, right? 
Saturday, 3 - 1 - 2009
the day was shining and we woke up to a nice breakfast in the mercure hotel. then after all the food, the mercure gang went to borobudur, and it was boiling HOT! but, we got some awesome pictures. then after that we all went shopping to mirota, and alma, paula and tante evita went back to jakarta, because they were in jogja since the 1st. 
after the hot day, me, isa, kevin, buga, adin and gabi decided that we wanted to go for a swim at night. so we did, and it was fuun! then we figured out that it was late and we don't know what the parents made plans. but as we found out that the kids could do what ever they want. so we took becak and eat at cobra restorant and look around the city. the becak rides were : gabi & kevin, buga & me and adin & isa. the food was crap, but the ride was excellent! 

Sunday, 4 - 1 - 2009
the last day of jogja, the mercure gang went to taman sari and it was like an oven that made you tired and bored like ass. theeeen we went back to jakarta in the same plane with ricky, daru, nick and siddha. it was funny cause all the boys were sitting at the front, and two people were in business and me and isa were right at the back. it's funny
when we got back to jakarta, i just found out that my best friend was having her birthday party, so me and isa went to her party for a while. isa met afew of my friends

Monday, 5 - 1 - 2009 
isa and i went to point square to exchange money and then went to PIM for..... can't remember why. then we went to the sport activity in kemang futsal. it ? to be honest, i didn't play. i was scared, cause everyone were professionals. but it was sooo fun to see everyone play. 
and after all the games, we all went to citos to have a brazilian dinner ! it was....nice? we had a few problems. from nicks food not coming, to all the food running out and things. then after that, before we went home we did photobox (ricky-gitta, nick-alma & tim-me). 

Tuesday, 6 - 1 - 2009
after a full day of sports me and isa thought of having a rest. so we invited alma, paula, daru, ricky, andreas and tim, but they couldn't come. so we went to kevin's house to do the batik thing. i think everyone will agree with me when i say, IT IS HARD! but fun :] and after we made the batik, there was this guy explaining about the batik, and let's say that everyone was holding back, trying so hard not to laugh. but i guess, we failed ? hahaha, sorry mr.... what's your name

Wednesday, 7 - 1 - 2009
all i can say is... DUUUFFAAAN! oh how we've waited for this day. when we met in the meeting point, we were waiting for alma, paula, gitta & julia to come. and when they came, they brought nick's cake (cause he was turning 15). and then we went to dufan.
in dufan so many things happened. from happiness, to sadness, to pissing off, to.......... all! i guess we just needed space, but it ended up to be a weird day.

Thursday, 8 - 1 - 2009
it was my first day of school, so i went to school and isa had a rest at home. while the other girls (alma, pula, gitta & julia) went to safari. but after that the girls (accept alma and paula) had a PHAT party at adin's house. it was called a phat party cause we had so much junk food, and we slept at 3ish ? and we did webcam with andreas, and we were singing & talking about boobs all night. (sorry ndre) but isa and gabi slept first in adin's rooom, then me and julia in adin's guest room, and then alma adin and gitta in the other.

Friday, 9 - 1 - 2009 
we woke up at 8 am, and we actually had to leave at 8 to the meeting point to go to bandung. But we woke up late cause we slept early. so everyone met in the meeting point and they picked us girls up in .... (i can't remember the name). and when we went in the bus, alma told me and gitta "guys, i was the only girl here, HELP!" hahahahaha. it was funny. 
then we headed to rumah mode, and had lunch first there. it was funny cause me and gitta didn't have breakfast and our food wasn't coming, so gitta got angry with the restaurant. then after all the drama, all the brazillians shopped ALOT! and the indonesians didn't get one thing. but it was fun. and then no 11 came otw to Saung Udjo, and we could say that we were scared and avoiding it. HAHA (you know what girls). 
in Saung Udjo we saw amazing performance. it was lovely. then the bus, no 11, new found glory, or DK ? hahahahha. and blablablabla. (honestly, you don't want me to write it, do you?)
and then when we got to dinner in A&W, alma wasn't crying anymore. it was funny ma :] and we found out that the ice cream was over due. but no one got food poisoned. then went back to the meeting point, and everyone slept in the bus. but some were making a gang ? tim, kak lene, nick, could you explain ? 

Saturday, 10 - 1 - 2009 
to be honest, i can't exactly remember what we did before the fairwell. but the fairwell party started around 7 at my house. alot of people was here, and let's just say there was tears. the weird thing is that i didn't cry, i guess i was still in denial. Then straight after all the tears, everyone asked us to change and get ready for daru's dad's party. so we got a dressed-up and we went to pitstop. all night long we danced and had a bunch of fun. it was the first time i saw daru as confident as he was, and to see nick all shy like that. and when we had to go home, it was right when they were singing "selamat malam dunia" damn.
so we went back to my place for a sleepover, and being very hungry and tired. i remember as i got back, i couldn't move from the sofa. and the rest had to make there beds. so the girls slept upstairs and the boys downstairs. some of played twister, some we doing there "thing" on the sofa and bench, and all eat mcdonald. 

Sunday, 11 - 1 - 2009 
we woke up pretty late, but i was the last one waking up. then the leaders found out that there was a demo going on, so we couldn't do the city tour. so they made a conclusion that we all will go to pasaraya and watch a movie, and so we did. We all watched "yes man", accept for the leaders. and things happened in that movie, so, lalalalla
then after the movie we had to meet the parents and leaders in starbucks, but we were a little long cause we were taking legal pictures. but when we arrived to starbucks, we found out that om surya found pão de queijo. while were eating it, i had this thought, and i said out "guys, this is last time we will see eachother till the airport" then i'm not sure what tim said (cause i went to the toilet with alma and puala) to the parents but he convinced them for us all to see eachother the next day. then andreas, tim, alma, paula, kevin, buga, kak indra, went back to my place again to get picked up. 

Monday, 12 - 1 - 2009 
i woke up knowing that tim is sick again, and were al worried. but it was the last day, so we were really sad. everyone went to my house, for a goodbye party, but tim and andreas wasn't there. alot of people were crying, but somehow i wasn't, still in denial i guess. it was awful day. but then at night, me, isa, alma, paula, daru, ricky, kevin and buga went to pim to have sushi grove. it was fun! then me, isa, my mum, tante evita, and tante sisca went to andreas's house to check on tim. and we found out that tim was really sick so he couldn't go to bali.

Tuesday, 13 - 1 - 2009 
LAST DAAAY! SAD DAY! SAD SAD SAD DAY! lets say they cried, i cried, we all cried. it was rainy and cloudy, worst day ever. but then we just knew that when they have the transit from bali to jakarta to brazil we could see them, the tears started to dry off. and knowing that tim and fla was still here, we weren't that sad.

Saturday , 18 - 1 - 2009 
alma and gitta picked the brazilians up from the airport, and brought them to adin's house to see tim and to gather everyone up. but me, kevin and andreas was late. so we went straight to adin's house. 
we had soo much fun with them. all the brazilians went on the becak with there partners. it was fuuun (Y) and all the brazilians were sun burned from bali. what did we do? we talked, laughed and cried. it was a wonderful sad day. 
and all we can say, in the airport, WE CRIED LIKE HELL! and we couldn't stop. that's all i can tell you