Sunday, 30 November 2008

hard to say it out

These days have been interesting. It's hard to explain from where it started and when it can end. from school problems to home problems to just how lonely i sometimes feel. it's all in my head, i think
let's start with school problems. well it's not actually a problem, it's just that these 3 weeks i'll be busy like hell studying, cause i have mid-term exams. i must say, that i am not good at being focus all the time, so it's going to be hard. so the program for the exam is, on the 4th-5th of december i exams, on the 6th-9th i have holiday (idul adha), and back with the exams on the 10th-12th of december. then because i'm in the last year in JHS, there is something called tryout, and that's like an-exam that will be on the 15th-18th of december. then, atlast i get my report card on the 19th! so wish me luck for that? thanks
after all that studying, i thought i could have a rest. but nooooo, i have to host my brazilian friends here for 3 weeks, from the 20th of december - 13th of january. and while there here, i have to go to school too. so i have no idea how to balance everything out. aaaaaaand while there here, my friend from malaysia is coming from the 3rd of december - 30th of december,  so i have all that to juggle !! i have no-idea how i'm going to do this all
well that was the future talk, now let's talk about how i'm feeling (typical girls talk). so it's kinda hard to say how i'm feeling right now actually. cause i'm kinda having a little problem sharing how i feel to people, accept to my ex. and he already knows so much of my problems, so sometimes i miss just talking to him, cause only he will understand. but there is apart of me that doesn't feel right talking to him, because he broke-up with me, and well...... there are more facts, but i don't think i should say. so sometimes i just do a fake smile, or something to get through it all. but one thing that i just wish, that even though we broke-up, i hope it doesn't mean we can't be friends....

so far, that's all from me, lot's of emotions on this blog, soo... yea... see ya :)

Sunday, 23 November 2008


today lots of things happened. let's start with the basics, shall we? 
yes, i have repainted my room. it was all pink (ew), and now it's green and purple. i picked those colours, cause gemi and ardi said purple was good, and i wanted to pick blue, but run-out of that. so... i hope people will like me room :)
i made this cause everyone seems to have one, and plus, i think it's going to be fun! sorry if my blog sucks 
i just broke-up with my 5 month bf, so it's kinda like... a new life without him. and i think this time it's for-real! sooo.. wish me luck with that ! and i wanna actually focus with school, cause it's my last year in JHS, darn. buuuuuuut, sadly i have a crush on this guy, but i hope it's not distracting me. 

aaaaaaand that's it for now. see yaaa !