Tuesday, 30 June 2009

friends and foe ?

i bet you all have had friends problem, who hasn't right? it's not that i'm dishing on someone. but i'm confused. who are real friends? who isn't? i feel like everyone are my friends, but like..... who accepts me for who i am? it's hard to know if you don't really talk

as we all know, human beings are not perfect and so for that it's hard to know what is what. i know it's hard to understand what i'm writing about, but i'm just questioning on somethings. and totally scared on telling anyone, cause like..... UGH! i can't really talk here anymore.

i guess it's just the pressure of going to HS with new people and losing my friends. so now i'm all "uugh.... what to do now?" mode. i really hope i'll find new, good, amazing friends. and won't lose contact with my best friends now [nindya, maitri, and hana] -- cause there the ones that will move.

oh well, let's hope everything will workout. and btw, i have a tumblr now. i made it to make a point to my friend for like being a internet addict. so in my tumblr it's all about my music, movies and idols and this blog is for my personal things.

xx, nad

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

my youtube

hey guyyyyys! well as i told you, i was back from puncak. and over there i made a film with my friends. i just want you all to check it out :

thanks guys, appreciate the love.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


say hello to miss "high school". HELL YEAH! i graduated. what a day that was man, i nearly cried when the principal was telling us who graduated. but when he told us on the 20th of June 2009 at 10.00 am "SMP Islam Al-Izhar tahun 2008-2009 angkatan XV LULUS 100%" meaning : this years JHS passed 100%! when i heard that, i screamed so loud! it was such a huge relieve!

and then the night came, my graduation. it was weird cause we had to wear kebaya. and i looked like..... crap! as you can see. my hair was like.... ass! but it's ok. it's the memory i guess that's important? well there is something called NEM in indonesia, and i got 31,75. for people that is badd! so i don't really tell people but, what can i say?? i never got a >30 [max is 40 btw]

that night was very sad, so i was emotional. it was like the last time i saw everyone [my year] in one place. maan, gonna miss them. they might not be the most perfect bunch of people, but i was with them for 3 years, and for some 10 years. and now some of us are going separate ways. and XV will not be with the same people. new people will come, and go. and even my ex is gonna be one school with me! weird, huh??

oh well, after that day, i had to wake up early to go to puncak [it's a hill around 2 hours from jakarta]. we were hoping we would get there for 2 hours, but it took us 9 DAMN FREAKIN HOURS! the traffic was CRAP! theeen we got there and just hanged around, and on the last day.... we went to safari! SOOO DAMN COOL!

so it was sooo fun, and now i'm SUPER tired. so i'll write more when i feel better? ok then, byt guys

Friday, 19 June 2009


well as you know i'm in Junior High School in Jakarta, Indonesia. and tomorrow on the 20th of June 2009 everyone in the 9th grade will know if they pass! i'm sooooooo freaked out! i don't know if i'll pass, i think i might die if i don't. but i got to think positively now, and think that i will pass.... oh god! please god! help me

here in jakarta, we always have a huge ceremony for graduations [i think they have it everywhere too] and we [the girls] have to wear kebaya [traditional indonesian clothing] and for the guys a suit. and today we did a rehearsal [without the dress up though] and it went.... ok. you never can expect alot from those. they just tell you what to do, and that is "sit still, smile, act appropriate because everyone's eyes will be at you" and so on. it's not exactly like that, but the main point of them [the teachers] blabbing was that.

after 1 or 2 hours of rehearsing nothing! i went to my best friend's house with another best friend of mine too, and we took her laptop and went to McDonald and eat like crazy and used the free WiiFii there. it was fun! we were full as crap though! but even so, we walked all the way back and lot's of guys on motorbikes said like "hai cewe!" meaning: "hey girl" witch was just... EW! but we had so much fun walking home. then when we went back, we were so tired we just played with garage band [best thing ever made!] ahahha.

well that's all from me, i'm STARVING! gonna find something to eat. wish me the best for tomorrow? please? thanks!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


so have you ever seen skins? i'm not talking about the thing that's on your body, but the series on tv. it's a british series where there is lot's of PG stuff, from the action to words. but it's such a good drama thing! my friend actually told me about it, she said "hey nad! try seeing skins, it's good! you'll like it" so i did check it out. now i'm addicted to it. the hard thing is i have to watch it on youtube, so it's like.... series 1 episode 1 part 1 sort of thing. doesn't take long to download, but it's crapping tiring, cause i video only is 9 minutes or less.


it's really cool, cause there is a gay dude (who is awesome! and very cute), a total playboy-jerk (who is HOT!), a wrong muslim (who lost his virginity with a Russian no one and doesn't agree with gays), a no-eating-unhappy girl (who i feel sorry for), and so much more. so much drama in one school. it's great joy! hahaha. and makes me wanna talk british 24/7.

Tony --> Nicholas Hoult
Maxxie --> Mitch Hewer

that's all from me, now gonna watch episode 8 (i know, just started.)

Thursday, 11 June 2009

my review

well tonight i watched this film (again) 'The Notebook' with my mum. it's was weird at first, but when i got in to it again, i though "huh, not that bad watching this film with her"


so i thought this film is sooo touching! you know, when i first saw it, i was soo into it, as in like... i contacted my summer love bf. i wrote that he would always have a place in my heart. and i started to cry. but when i was watching it, it didn't really get me, you know? it was sad, but didn't hit the spot.


on the other hand, last night, i saw 'marley and me'and i was like a baby crying! i had to hold it in though cause my mum was a sleep right next to me. but like.. i like the film! jenny and john (was it?) is such a an amazing couple! i wanna find my partner. oh well. but first when i heard he died, i cried, THEN! when i was patrick cried, that's when the fireworks started. MAN! there good.

well that's all the GREAT movies i've watched so far. i hope to see startreck sometime soon. and i'll try to write more often and put pics too.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

21st day of the holiday

well i have 2 months of holiday. 1st month is like the holiday till graduation, and then 1 more month of holiday after graduation! wee. fun fun? maybe. so far, it's cool. there are days that was great, and there are days where i can't wait to get over with.

so far i what i have done is : gone to dufan (theme park in jakarta) with friends, gone to friends house, having friends come over to my house, gone to bali, done karaoke with friends, watched 2-3 films in arow, did a photoshoot and been online! hmm... does it sound fun? well, some were and some were ok.

what i just noticed and i should of noticed this, is that i am not going to go to the same school with all my friends and that the surroundings will change too. so i'm REALLY REALLY bumded about that. crap. it's hard to accept it though, but it's the truth. and one thing i'm REALLY scared of is graduation! i hope i pass. if i don't, i think i will kill my self! ugh ugh ugh

ok, enough stressing out nad! enough! now, i guess sad news? hmmm... well i miss isabella gordano soooo much. i miss huging her and talking to her :( and i haven't really seen/talked to my bf for a while, cause when i went back from bali he went to bali with my year. and one more thing that can top of this cake, my dad is going to england without me again! SO JEALOUS! damn. it's been, what? 2 years since i met my cousins. so i will have to wait till next year to meet them and hopefully isa too in england. MAN! so many people are away from me, i miss them <3 <3

the other thing i noticed tonight, so many of my privet stories are here. and the world can read it. hmmm... this is... weird. but i like writing on this blog :D and i'm really sorry that i blab too much here, but where else can i write like this? haha.