Monday, 21 September 2009

Guaraná Antarctica

god! i've been missing icib since forever. to be honest, i think i can't get over it. it's like a horrible karma you know, when you think it's all done, it comes back in the most un-wanted way. grrr.. i get so annoyed when i miss them. even though i love them too much.

and as you know it is idul fitri, so i had a family gathering here in my house. it was... full. and then we had these sodas and foods that i never tried. it reminded me so much of Brasil somehow. and when they left i googled "Guaraná Antarctica". and i got this from wikipedia :
Guaraná Antarctica is the most popular guaraná-flavored soft drink in Brazil, created in 1921 by Pedro Baptista de Andrade for Companhia Antarctica Paulista, now part of Anheuser-Busch InBev. The drink is also available in Portugal, Spain, Honduras, Denmark, Switzerland, parts of the United Kingdom and the United States. The drink is produced only in three countries - Portugal, Brazil, and Japan. It is the second soft drink brand most sold in Brazil, behind only Coca-Cola, and absolute leader in its segment. Currently, it is ranked among the 15 brands most sold in the world.

i feel like saying "GIMME GIMME!" when i look at it. GOD! i hope go to brazil again, i miss them to much to die before meeting them again. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

True Quotes

right now i'm kinda hurting cause of some guy. i know it's like.... wth?! but, it hurts, somehow. i wish i could find someone

Ask me why I keep on loving you when it’s clear that you don’t feel the same way for me. the problem is that as much as I can’t force you to love me, I can’t force myself to stop loving you

No man is rich enough to buy back his past

I never knew until that moment how bad it could hurt to lose something you never really had

If love is so important to have that one doesn't want to lose it, why is it when we find true love we often don't notice it?

It takes only a minute 2 get a crush on someone, an hour 2 like someone, and a day 2 love someone, but it takes a lifetime 2 forget someone.

p.s i agree with all these quotes and i feel it all now


today was kinda fun. i woke up early morning and went to citos to meet up with some people and did a photo shoot in a junkyard. it was actually fun! and we got some pretty good shots too. honest! the only bad thing was that we had to pay quite alot to just be there, grrr... and here are some pics

those we're just afew pics we took from a 1000 pictures. THEN! we went back to the mall by walking half way (which was new for some of us). it was a memory i will never forget! when we got to the mall, we went to J.CO and i had a drink and some of us had a..........thing. HAHA! well after that things happened, which i regret.

BUT! some of my friends saved me and picked me up from that mall to another mall. and i met up with some of my best friends EVER! god i miss them. i really wish i could stay longer. I had to go early cause my mum had this thing with helping kids who had no parents.

and now? well... i'm not in the best mood.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


this is a website that you can edit pictures online, and it's so much fun! i must say, it doesn't beat looklet but it's as fun! so do check it out. here are some pics i edited on it
what do ya think?? if you like it please do check it out :)

Sunday, 13 September 2009

sentence of the day

If you make me alive, then why is waiting for you killing me?

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Night Of Sins

Saturday night at a mall (god, soooo "cool"). i don't do this anymore. i'm not bothered going to malls at saturday night, but tonight was like my friends birthday. So she wanted to pay for dinner, and that was awesome (cause of the good food)

Then when we're eating, my other friend asked us if we wanted to go and *beeeeeeeeeeeeeep* and we did. and we thought we we're just going to do *beeeeep* but we ended up trying a few other things too. i'm even still in shock with my self that i'm like this. it's just not me!

i guess i'm not that good girl after all

Friday, 11 September 2009

i need him, NOW!

as you know i'm like searching for a boyfriend. and yes i'm in the desporado part now! i really want one, sooooooo bad! grrr... it's getting on my nerve.

but (as you know) i don't want one of those fake ones. i want someone who can be with me, i mean, really spend time with me. not just texting & calling shit.

god! i need a guy


How is high school?

what a normal question. uugh, getting sick of it. it's not that i i hate it but it's like, everything is so different. from friends to the subjects.

not to brag, but i'm pretty impressed by myself about the grades i'm getting. i never thought i could be so serious in class and work that hard at home. i hope on the 16th of october, my mum will see how hard i've been working and hopefully will give me something :) but it's pretty getting on my nerve that i have like 2-3 exams a day (sometimes). i hope i'm going to pass this year with quite good grades (Y)

and now friends, wow, my new friends are.... unimaginable. that's all i can say for now


Thursday, 10 September 2009

a new someone

as you guys know i'm in HS and it's stressing me outt! and it's kinda making me a little crazy. but like, what i've been trying to find these days is a boyfriend ( real one! no only texting and those shits, but someone who is there for you, and can be with you ). it's veryyyy hard finding one. i'm not close to anyone these day, and i haven't found anyone attractive enough

AXCEPT! i actually found someone that i really like. i mean like, really-really-like. he's actually an old-friend and i never actually thought that i would ever have this crush on him, but like the last time i saw him... i was like "daaaamn boy" HAHA. but really, he's so cute and i really want to get to know him again. i hope he feels the same, but... if he doesn't, it's good enough that we can be friend :D

and if you're reading this : i love you, i always have, but this time it's just more than friends. and i really want to get to know you better! please, never loose our friendship, EVER! cause you are one of the best (d**** b** > remember?)

xx, nad