Thursday, 26 February 2009

the feeling

these days i've been so busy with school i think i need to get out and just go crazy, like i did when ICIB was here. i need to be around people that i can be my self and don't have to try. cause these days i've been trying so hard to be the best, i wanna be free! don't want to try.

i miss so many people, i feel like everyone that i love most has gone somewhere. firstly (mostly) i miss my sister isa and interchange buddies. i love them to death, as you know. then secondly, i miss my dad. i haven't met him for 3 weeks now. and plus with my super-duper extra schedule, not sure when i'll meet him anytime soon. and last but not least, i miss my family in england so muito MUCH! god! it's been 2 years since i've seen them. and everytime i think of them, my eyes go all teary.

but the positive thing is that i'm getting close to people who are amazing and very helping me. and i'm so glad i've met them. and to be honest, i don't think i need any boy right now, just need friends who will be there for me and who will cheer me up when i'm down.

and now, i'm just trying my best to pass my JHS and then keep going. and to get to where i want, i have to work hard. so wish me luck :)

xoxo, nad

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