Thursday, 9 April 2009

emotional wreck

emotional wreck sounds like the word to describe me now. i'm actually not sure if i'm happy, sad, ok, good, or anything! honestly, i need to straighten my life, but i can't cause of mu DAMN SCHOOL SCHEDULE! JEEEEEZ! i'm soo sick of school, i can't wait till it ends, then the holiday before graduation. but honestly i'm actually not sure i can handle an empty summer. the thought of not going to brazil or england is killing me. and the other thing is that i might be going somewhere where i would do try my best to AVOID! aaaaaaaaaah.

and and to make things worse before the exams, family issues kick in. it's horrible! i don't know how to end it (surely i want the best) and how we would react. i still haven't replied anything cause i'm not sure what to say. i know the truth would be the best, but honestly, the truth is too long and to risky. i'm not sure what to do, maybe i'll just lay down low for these weeks.

after all those drama, the worse comes again. boy problems. i always like him (not sure why) but somehow i don't want him to be my bf, but i really like him. and i hate it seeing that he likes another girl, even though i know he's such a playboy. MAN! why are boys and girls so different? it amazes me, how dumb i can be. how stupid of me to like him. and so now, i'm trying to forget him by trying to like my old crush. accept one problem, phone issues and meeting issues. we never meet and it's so hard to text these days. and to be honest, i can't focus on my studies fully if i don't have anyone to like (VERY WEIRD!). oh well...

i hope everything will workout though.... i need you isa, now! please, if you read this, email mee!

xoxo, nad

Monday, 6 April 2009

how my list is going so far

there are so many things going on, for god damn sakes! from boys to school to first experience. it's going loco, my life. i'll put it in a list so it's easier. and maybe next time i'll explain

1. i cut my hiar --> it became bob
2. i went to the dentist for the second time in my life
3. i had a filter in the dentist
4. i met someone in the dentist, and was mostly surprised
5. exam month is this month
6. none of Brazilians are talking to me
7. haven't talked to isa since foreverrr!
8. i don't think the guy i like, likes me anymore
9. he is texting me back, but his/my phone has issues
10. i can't download ebuddy on my phone
11. haven't met my dad since 2 weeks ago? and maybe make that 1 month?

so far, that's all the things i can remember what's going on, sooo i'll write again when i actually do. see ya!