Monday, 6 April 2009

how my list is going so far

there are so many things going on, for god damn sakes! from boys to school to first experience. it's going loco, my life. i'll put it in a list so it's easier. and maybe next time i'll explain

1. i cut my hiar --> it became bob
2. i went to the dentist for the second time in my life
3. i had a filter in the dentist
4. i met someone in the dentist, and was mostly surprised
5. exam month is this month
6. none of Brazilians are talking to me
7. haven't talked to isa since foreverrr!
8. i don't think the guy i like, likes me anymore
9. he is texting me back, but his/my phone has issues
10. i can't download ebuddy on my phone
11. haven't met my dad since 2 weeks ago? and maybe make that 1 month?

so far, that's all the things i can remember what's going on, sooo i'll write again when i actually do. see ya!

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