Friday, 19 December 2008

done and done!

i feel soo happy right now! it's amazing how happy i am even though i still have a bunch of things to be stressed about.

i'm happy mostly cause i'm back with my friends. well i had this fight with my friends. and i honestly thought it was the end of our friendship, but they sat me down and told me what was up. and they were right, so i'm trying my best to change, cause honestly i miss them like hell! and yesterday i went to one of my friends house, and there was my other friends too and, well, i had fun. i don't know about the others, but i really did. wish i could stay longer, but they went out. 

the second reason is that all my exams are done and i got my report card!!! YEY! well, it's not that good actually, it's kinda a bad report card, but i'm not failing just.... not doing my best. so in this second semester i'm going to work my butt off. damn. that'll be "fun".

and the last but not least reason is that tonight i'm picking up my friends from brazil. OMG! I MISS THEM! the last time we met was in july or june, can't remember. hahhha. but i really can't wait. and we're going to have a damn fun time this holiday. buuuuuut, i'm kinda sad too, actually. cause when they come it means i can't see this guy (you know who you are) and i really like him. and he's going back on the 30th or something like that. and by then i'll be busy. maan, i can't believe it's going to end like this. just for your information, you really made my exams week so much fuun! and i always have fun with you, you don't know how much i really like you. 

that's all for now, anyways. i have to have a shower and get ready to go to the salon and then get a bed for isa and then go shopping with mum, then go and pick them up. damn i'm busy today. byeeeeee! 

xoxo, nad

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