Saturday, 20 December 2008

20th and 21st

yesterday was sooo funn! i was waiting for the brazilians in the airport for 2 hours, and then gitta's dad said to us that there in the other gate. and we were "really??! ARE YOU KIDDING??!" and then we raaaaaaaan a-cross to the other gate and the funny thing was that all the girls needed to use the toilet, but we raaaaaaaaaaaan! and the suddenly out-of the blue i saw a tall blonde boy with black jacket and t-shirt and i realized that, that was nick! I SCREAMED ! then everyone screamed. and we all (the brazilians and the indonesians) ran to each other and hugged each other. it was so unrealistic. but we had soo much fun. gitta cried, and i was all jumpy. it's a shame that the brazilians were so tired so they didn't say a word. but isa was talkative :)
after we all said hi and took pictures, me, isa, alma, paula, daru, ricky, kevin and buga went to kemang and had dinner there. it was so full and crowded, i think the brazilians were shocked. but it was a fun first impression of indonesia.

today i'm bringing isa to PIM to watch twilight, soo exited ! i think the others will come too. i really miss everyone so so much. and as i was so happy to bring everyone to PIM, something happened. something that really made me sad, the boy i like doesn't like me anymore. it was shocking and really sad. i didn't really care if he likes me or not, but the thing is, because of that he's like all not talking to me. it's pissing me off. he could like just act cool about it and still talk to me, cause i still wanna be friends. soo.. i don't know where this goes. damn him. damn damn him.

so i guess now i'm going to wake isa up and go to PIM. and hopefully, that will take my mind of it. soo wish me luck? 

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