Thursday, 1 January 2009

what did you do in new year?

at nine everyone from my delegation came to my house and we had a party at my house. firstly, we were kinda separated (the indonesian and the brazilians), cause they were talking in portuguese and we were talking in bahasa. but then the boys (tim, nick and ricky) started to come and join the indonesian. and we started to get together. 
but it was such a bummer, because isa was sick these days so she slept (and paula too) till 10 minutes before the count down. and the other bummer was that there were some un-suspected guest coming (can't tell the details though). 

as we were counting down, i was next to isa and so when it got to "ONE! HAPPY NEW YEARS!" me and isa hugged and i nearly cried. it was sooo sweet! she was like "i am soo glad to spend new years here with you, nad" and then i hugged the others too (can't remember who first). but as i was hugging tim, he gave me a present, and it was a heart-shaped necklace. it was sooooo sweet of him. i love the necklace. 
well then after all the commotion, some people wanted to get away from the crowd and wanted to be alone. so me and some people went upstairs to see the stars and the fireworks. it was amazing!!!................till indra came and said that we needed to go down. damn. so we kinda were pissed since then. 

so now all we can hope is to have a great year :)

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