Tuesday, 17 March 2009


well these days i've been seeing so many people doing what they love to do. and damn it, i want that! it's been such a long time i took extra classes that i love and passionate about. those things that i saw was : javajazz, acoustic night, yusuf obelet and so many more (if you don't know what they are, there all music concerts and they weren't being paid to do it. they do it because they love to)

the last time i did extra classes that i was passionate about was around 2 year ago ? it was hip-hop class. god, i miss that. and maybe guitar lessons ? (but my dad was a better teacher than the stinkin teacher was). but now, all i want is to do is do dance lessons and vocal lessons. (i'm not good in singing, but it's so much fun) as i have learned that hip-hop dancing, is crapping hard!! i'm going to take jazz lessons instead. it's so cool ! and maybe rather than vocal lessons, maybe a band? hahaha, dreaming a little high here

oh well, what ever i choose, i just don't want to have this feeling again next year. i just wish this year will end out great and i wouldn't regret anything, again.

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