Monday, 30 March 2009

down with love sounds like the answer

ok, so ATLAST i broke-up with the guy. it was a struggle, because he really didn't want to, and i ended up not replying any of his texts. i know it's mean, but honestly, man, get a life. oh well :)

so now, what's next? not sure. the horrible thing is actually that i have a feeling that i'm still in-like with some of my ex'es. "shoot" i tell my self. because the best bf's ever, i have let them go. so for them to be replaced. yea.. hard. and now, all i can do is act like i'm down with love, when i'm actually, so so not! wonder what i will do? could i keep this costume on? or am i going to burst out, and let my face fall on the ground? damn. this is hard.

yet, while all that love thinking is going on, i still have my exams going on. i'm doing so much better than i did. it's not the best i can do, but atleast i'm going up-up-up, right? well just wish me luck that i can juggle all this about

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