Wednesday, 27 May 2009

boy stories with fake names

ok, well atlast i'm going to write about the boy trash stories i told you before this post. so where does this story start? hmm.. not sure. but i'll tell anyways. and no worries, cause all the names are fake (inspired by celebrities) and if you know who they are, please please keep it to your self.

so after i broke up with william beckett i had this HUGE crush on a guy called kris allen and i knew that he liked me too, cause he told me. we didn't go out or anything cause he's really close to william beckett. one day i though it's been along time since i broke up with william beckett and i still like this kris allen dude. so i asked william beckett if it's ok if i like kris allen and go out with him, and he said it was ok and stuff. and we both were so glad that he was ok, but like before we started to be together there were going to be these exams, so we wanted to wait so we could focus. but before i knew it, kris allen asked this girl out and there a couple now. surely i was upset and actually till now, we never talk. it's ashame. but the girl kriss allen is going out with, is such a b**** so i'm kinda like... "WHAT??!" but what can i do?

oh well, i thought that i would be upset about things for along time. i cried for awhile after knowing all that. but as i was recovering from that, my real old friend frank iero became close to me again. we called eachother, texted, chatted and things. as time went by, he told me that he always had a thing for me, and i admitted that i didn't but now i kinda do. so we dated for around.... only 2 weeks. he was such a playboy (i knew that before i dated him, so i knew it wouldn't last), he didn't talk to me for 4 days. it was like "??" but... oh well. it was funny, cause i broke up with him like a day before, then he texted me the next day that we're over. HA HA HA! and he's telling his ex that he broke up with me. so what ev! i don't care. he's an ass.

aaaaaaaand now? how am i? hmm... well i have this new boyfriend matthew perry he's very nice and things. but... i'm his first gf, so things are a little weird sometimes. the thing is it's the beginning. so let's just hope things will get so much smoother soon!

that's all for now. i'll update soon, i have a 2 month holiday so you can expect more from me.

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