Wednesday, 10 June 2009

21st day of the holiday

well i have 2 months of holiday. 1st month is like the holiday till graduation, and then 1 more month of holiday after graduation! wee. fun fun? maybe. so far, it's cool. there are days that was great, and there are days where i can't wait to get over with.

so far i what i have done is : gone to dufan (theme park in jakarta) with friends, gone to friends house, having friends come over to my house, gone to bali, done karaoke with friends, watched 2-3 films in arow, did a photoshoot and been online! hmm... does it sound fun? well, some were and some were ok.

what i just noticed and i should of noticed this, is that i am not going to go to the same school with all my friends and that the surroundings will change too. so i'm REALLY REALLY bumded about that. crap. it's hard to accept it though, but it's the truth. and one thing i'm REALLY scared of is graduation! i hope i pass. if i don't, i think i will kill my self! ugh ugh ugh

ok, enough stressing out nad! enough! now, i guess sad news? hmmm... well i miss isabella gordano soooo much. i miss huging her and talking to her :( and i haven't really seen/talked to my bf for a while, cause when i went back from bali he went to bali with my year. and one more thing that can top of this cake, my dad is going to england without me again! SO JEALOUS! damn. it's been, what? 2 years since i met my cousins. so i will have to wait till next year to meet them and hopefully isa too in england. MAN! so many people are away from me, i miss them <3 <3

the other thing i noticed tonight, so many of my privet stories are here. and the world can read it. hmmm... this is... weird. but i like writing on this blog :D and i'm really sorry that i blab too much here, but where else can i write like this? haha.


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