Friday, 27 March 2009

boy talk

ok, i guess i'm stuck with this guy that i'm not a fan about. and i don't know how to say to him "sorry, you're not the guy" in indonesian and yet a nice way. cause as a friend, he's ok, but as more, UUH! no thank you baby. so i'm not sure when i'll break it to him, but when i do, i'll update you

and to make things worse, i like another guy, since..... FOREVER! i knew this guy for a while now. and firstly, i thought he was a pretty face, then as i got to know him, he was one of the funniest guy ever! he could beat me from being me, it was impressive. and you could say we became close and started to admit things to eachother. we always thought we would end-up being together, and now..... we're no where. he always blames me because i have some friends that are boys. and i blame him because he is secretly dating (he's a womanizer, as you can say). now.... i'm falling hard for him again. why? is he really the one i like? or is he just a pretty face that i adore?? oh god, help

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