Saturday, 11 July 2009

Felt like dying cause of a cold

i was really sick this week, i mean not exactly a week. so here is the story, on Wednesday i went to citos [it's a mall in Jakarta, Indonesia] to get a top for the party the next day. i was there with two of my friends, and one of them just recovered from this really bad cold. so we finished shopping, then when i got home, i couldn't stop coughing. i couldn't even sleep properly cause i was coughing so badly. it was horrible.

the next morning my mum gave me 3 meds. it was like "this is your morning vitamin, and this is your night med. and the cough med is for 3 times a day, got it??" and i was like... "aha.." let's say i wasn't the biggest joy that day. and then cause i still really wanted to go to the party (still) so i went to my friends house [even though i was feeling very crappy] and then when i got there i was feeling a little headachie but i was ok. then as it got more and more to the day [around 3 to 5ish] i felt really fucked up! really! i wanted to die. but then my friends treated me to a salon and we went to the party. the amazing thing is i was OK at the party.. weird right? and at the sleep over too.

so as the next day came. i was ok for the morning, couldn't stop coughing again though. but i wen't back from my friends house and just couldn't feel anything. it really was horrible. and then my mum brought me to the doctor and then i got proper meds. and now, i'm not 100% better, but i'm much better now. and guess how many meds i have?? not 5 but 7! for just a cold. i know, LOTS!

i hope i get well soon. and i hope my friends will have a lovely time in their new school. i'm really upset about us moving schools. it really makes me cry sometimes. i hope we won't lose contact anytime soon. i love you guys to much to let you go now. cause we've been with eachother too long, to let it go just like that :) best wishes

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