Tuesday, 28 July 2009

HighSchool ?

soooooo sorry i haven't been updating. the holiday was soo... "fun" and i was busy, and now i'm back at school. i'll tell you how it goes!

so i'm in High School now. interesting right? well... not really. i'm kinda upset. i mean, it's really hard. i have to get above 70 average, get new friends and yet keep smiling and being joyful at home. what a job for me.

mostly i'm pretty bummed cause all my close friends are gone. i cry alot, cause i miss them. and like... it's harder now cause my ex bf is in one class with me. and i'm playing with people i never actually thought of even smiling to. you know? it's going so... unplanned. and the subjects are like... FUCKING SHIT! you know?? uughhh.

but the only good thing there is my old friends dennis, izzati, putri, clarissa and anggi. and they are the only people who are actually making me want to go to school, eventhough we're in one class. UGH! it's pretty fucking shit so far.

i'll keep ya updated on if i'm alive or not -_-

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