Thursday, 10 September 2009

a new someone

as you guys know i'm in HS and it's stressing me outt! and it's kinda making me a little crazy. but like, what i've been trying to find these days is a boyfriend ( real one! no only texting and those shits, but someone who is there for you, and can be with you ). it's veryyyy hard finding one. i'm not close to anyone these day, and i haven't found anyone attractive enough

AXCEPT! i actually found someone that i really like. i mean like, really-really-like. he's actually an old-friend and i never actually thought that i would ever have this crush on him, but like the last time i saw him... i was like "daaaamn boy" HAHA. but really, he's so cute and i really want to get to know him again. i hope he feels the same, but... if he doesn't, it's good enough that we can be friend :D

and if you're reading this : i love you, i always have, but this time it's just more than friends. and i really want to get to know you better! please, never loose our friendship, EVER! cause you are one of the best (d**** b** > remember?)

xx, nad

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