Wednesday, 16 September 2009


today was kinda fun. i woke up early morning and went to citos to meet up with some people and did a photo shoot in a junkyard. it was actually fun! and we got some pretty good shots too. honest! the only bad thing was that we had to pay quite alot to just be there, grrr... and here are some pics

those we're just afew pics we took from a 1000 pictures. THEN! we went back to the mall by walking half way (which was new for some of us). it was a memory i will never forget! when we got to the mall, we went to J.CO and i had a drink and some of us had a..........thing. HAHA! well after that things happened, which i regret.

BUT! some of my friends saved me and picked me up from that mall to another mall. and i met up with some of my best friends EVER! god i miss them. i really wish i could stay longer. I had to go early cause my mum had this thing with helping kids who had no parents.

and now? well... i'm not in the best mood.

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