Tuesday, 30 June 2009

friends and foe ?

i bet you all have had friends problem, who hasn't right? it's not that i'm dishing on someone. but i'm confused. who are real friends? who isn't? i feel like everyone are my friends, but like..... who accepts me for who i am? it's hard to know if you don't really talk

as we all know, human beings are not perfect and so for that it's hard to know what is what. i know it's hard to understand what i'm writing about, but i'm just questioning on somethings. and totally scared on telling anyone, cause like..... UGH! i can't really talk here anymore.

i guess it's just the pressure of going to HS with new people and losing my friends. so now i'm all "uugh.... what to do now?" mode. i really hope i'll find new, good, amazing friends. and won't lose contact with my best friends now [nindya, maitri, and hana] -- cause there the ones that will move.

oh well, let's hope everything will workout. and btw, i have a tumblr now. i made it to make a point to my friend for like being a internet addict. so in my tumblr it's all about my music, movies and idols and this blog is for my personal things.

xx, nad

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