Wednesday, 17 June 2009


so have you ever seen skins? i'm not talking about the thing that's on your body, but the series on tv. it's a british series where there is lot's of PG stuff, from the action to words. but it's such a good drama thing! my friend actually told me about it, she said "hey nad! try seeing skins, it's good! you'll like it" so i did check it out. now i'm addicted to it. the hard thing is i have to watch it on youtube, so it's like.... series 1 episode 1 part 1 sort of thing. doesn't take long to download, but it's crapping tiring, cause i video only is 9 minutes or less.


it's really cool, cause there is a gay dude (who is awesome! and very cute), a total playboy-jerk (who is HOT!), a wrong muslim (who lost his virginity with a Russian no one and doesn't agree with gays), a no-eating-unhappy girl (who i feel sorry for), and so much more. so much drama in one school. it's great joy! hahaha. and makes me wanna talk british 24/7.

Tony --> Nicholas Hoult
Maxxie --> Mitch Hewer

that's all from me, now gonna watch episode 8 (i know, just started.)

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