Friday, 19 June 2009


well as you know i'm in Junior High School in Jakarta, Indonesia. and tomorrow on the 20th of June 2009 everyone in the 9th grade will know if they pass! i'm sooooooo freaked out! i don't know if i'll pass, i think i might die if i don't. but i got to think positively now, and think that i will pass.... oh god! please god! help me

here in jakarta, we always have a huge ceremony for graduations [i think they have it everywhere too] and we [the girls] have to wear kebaya [traditional indonesian clothing] and for the guys a suit. and today we did a rehearsal [without the dress up though] and it went.... ok. you never can expect alot from those. they just tell you what to do, and that is "sit still, smile, act appropriate because everyone's eyes will be at you" and so on. it's not exactly like that, but the main point of them [the teachers] blabbing was that.

after 1 or 2 hours of rehearsing nothing! i went to my best friend's house with another best friend of mine too, and we took her laptop and went to McDonald and eat like crazy and used the free WiiFii there. it was fun! we were full as crap though! but even so, we walked all the way back and lot's of guys on motorbikes said like "hai cewe!" meaning: "hey girl" witch was just... EW! but we had so much fun walking home. then when we went back, we were so tired we just played with garage band [best thing ever made!] ahahha.

well that's all from me, i'm STARVING! gonna find something to eat. wish me the best for tomorrow? please? thanks!

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